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  1. Abbey Gas Nozzle extension

    Vulnippel verlenging

    € 2,95
    Alle leeftijden

    Vulnippel verlenging

    Voor sommige magazijnen, met name MEU modellen zijn de vulnippels van de green-gas bussen net te kort. Met de nippel verlenger van Abbey is dat probleem verleden tijd en is elk magazijn weer makkelijk te vullen met gas.

    LET OP! deze vulnippel verlenging past alleen op de Abbey en Ultra-air gas bussen (past niet op Walther, Heckler en Koch etc)


  2. Nuprol 2.0 Mini Green Gas Airsoft

    Nuprol 2.0 Mini Green Gas 85g

    € 6,95
    Alle leeftijden
    NUPROL - 2.0 Mini GREEN 85g Gas - Green is a Gas Can which is used to fill Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols and Weapon Magazine created by NUPROL and designed to be cleaner, with a higher performance than WE Europe's old Green Gas. The gas comes in a smaller bottle than the traditional NUPROL 2.0 Gas, which is designed to fit into pouches and pockets for easy carrying during an Airsoft Skirmish. Give your FPS a boost, whilst keeping everything running smooth and clean. The Gas is an excellent all year round gas from NUPROL. This gas is a must have for any Airsoft Skirmisher who has a Gas Blowback Pistol, Carbine or Rifle and wants to re-gas their magazines in the field, allowing them to play for longer without having to go back to the safe zone to re-fill magazines.
  3. Nimrod Standard Performance Green Gas 500ml Nimrod Standard Performance Green Gas

    Nimrod Standard Performance Green Gas 500ml

    € 9,90
    Alle leeftijden
    Great allround gas for spring, summer and autumn use, suitable for a wide range of airsoft pistols and rifles. Not suitable for cold winter temperatures, Japanese made pistols and rifles. Features a very stable gas pressure, exceptional trajectory control, low temperature efficiency and increases the performance of your gun significantly.
  4. ULTRAIR Power Gas ULTRAIR Power Gas

    ULTRAIR Power Gas

    € 9,95
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    De ULTRAIR Power Gas van ActionSportGames A/S biedt hoge prestaties in een breed temperatuursbereik. De opvullende afsluiters zijn speciaal ontworpen en vervaardigd in aluminium, waardoor er een sterke vulling klep ontstaat die niet breekt of omkrult wanneer gebruikt. De vulklep zal zeer zelden lekken wanneer hij wordt gebruikt om Airsoft geweren te vullen, dit zorgt voor een zeer lage verspilling van gas. Alle ULTRAIR blikjes zijn correct gemarkeerd volgens de EU-normen. Bevat: 570 ml.
  5. Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas

    Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas 300g

    € 10,00
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    WE Europe NUPROL - 2.0 GREEN 300g Gas - Green, We Nuprol's newer, cleaner and higher performance airsoft gas now named NUPROL 2.0. A slightly larger bottle over its predecessor with cleaner propane gas and silicone contents internally. Give your FPS a boots whilst keeping everything running smooth and clean. An excellent all year round gas from WE. A must for any GBB pistol, Airsoft carbine and other gas devices.
  6. Heckler & Koch Powergas Green Gas 600 ml. Heckler & Koch Powergas

    Heckler & Koch Powergas Green Gas 600 ml.

    € 10,95
    Alle leeftijden
    Het silicone toevoegsel in Heckler & Koch Powergas helpt het interne blowback mechanisme iedere keer wanneer deze wordt gebruikt en verhoogd dus de performance. Verder is het gas een zomer product (beste prestaties 10-50 graden buiten) en tegelijkertijd milieuvriendelijk.. Made in Germany om een consistente hoge kwaliteit te garanderen. Inhoud 600 ml.
  7. Nuprol green gas 1.0

    Nuprol 1.0 Blue Gas 300g

    € 10,95
    Alle leeftijden
    NUPROL - 1.0 Premium Blue Gas 300g - White is a bottle of Low Powered Gas designed by NUPROL as part of their Green Gas Range, designed to be used with Plastic Bodied Weapons and Small Submachine Guns which require lower powers to operate. The Bottle is constructed from Aluminium, weighs 410g with 300ml of contents, and is around the same size as a standard Green Gas Can, and is perfect for storing in Kit Bags and Backpacks between Skirmishes. The Gas is specially formulated for Pistols with Plastic Slides, and Submachine Guns with low-weight Bolts, making it great for use in Tokyo Marui Pistols and other Weapons. The Gas is a 95% Propane / 5% lubricant mix, meaning it helps to prevent your magazines from leaking, and prevents rust and corrosion. The Gas is designed for temperatures between 25c and 10c, and is composed of a Non-Hazardous CFC Free Formula. This gas is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who are looking for a Green Gas which is safe to use in their Marui Pistols, or weapons which can take damage from Higher Powered Gasses.
  8. NUPROL 3.0 Extreme Power 300g

    Nuprol 3.0 Extreme Power 300g 1L Gas - Red

    € 17,95
    Alle leeftijden
    WE Europe - NUPROL 3.0 Extreme Power 300g Gas - Red is designed to make your gas Airsoft RIF more consistent between every shot and work far better in colder conditions. You will also achieve an increase in FPS but you must let the gas settle in your magazine first! Compared to the NUPROL 2.0, you can expect to see more consistent FPS between each shot but also end up with a higher FPS reading at the end of your magazine once you are out of BBs. This gas is not recommended for hot days but is great on those wet, cold and miserable Airsoft outings.
  9. Nuprol 4.0 Ultimate Power

    Nuprol 4.0 Ultimate Power 300g 1L Gas - Black

    € 19,95
    Alle leeftijden
    WE Nuprol - NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power 300ml Gas - Black is a high performance gas, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3c - 20c) allowing to use your weapon all year round. Using this high power mix gives an increase in FPS, GBB efficiency and a harder kick. Each bottle is constructed from strong Alloy, and contains 450g (2L) of pressurised gas. The nozzle is long, and is constructed from Metal, giving a better fit into gas valves on your magazines. Due to the power of this gas it is reccomended that you do not use it with Gas Blowback Weapons with Polymer / Plastic Slides as it can damage or break them. This gas is perfect for Airsoft Players who use Gas Blowback Weapons and Rifles in the winter and whos weapons are starting to feel the cold.
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